2 moves to solve Rubik’s Cube??

It has been a few weeks working from home now. That’s what WFH means. So what new things can I learn at home?

Recently, some video has been popping up on my YouTube feed. Solving the rubik’s cube with just 2 moves. Really? After watching some of those videos, it did look like it is possible – to NOOBS like me. Try searching on YouTube. Looks convincing, right? So hungry to prove (or disprove) it that I got itchy to buy a rubik’s cube.

I bought this rubik’s cube from shopee. There are cheaper ones, but bought this in the end due to the higher ratings. The quality of the cube was quite good. There is no sticker to get worn out, and it rotates quite smoothly.

The Qiyi Warrior S 3x3 Rubik's Cube
The QiYi Warrior S 3×3 Rubik’s Cube I bought from Shopee

So, does it take only 2 moves?

In short – NO. You will soon realize that the 2 moves doesn’t move the 2×2 block near your hand where you are gripping. However, the moves displayed are essential moves in solving a rubik’s cube.

With a rubik’s cube that I bought and unable to solve, what can I do?

Look for tutorials on YouTube of course. I checked out a few, but here’s a few good ones.

I’ve been practising for a couple of days, and now I can consistently solve a rubik’s cube without referring to the instructions any more.

Frankly, this is my first rubik’s cube in 43 years. If you have a good & cheap cube to recommend (did I mention cheap?), or a cheap scrambler (did I mention cheap?), please recommend to me. Thanks!