AWS CSA Professional

Passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Pro Exam

It was just under a month ago that I decided to renew my AWS CSA Professional exam. It was a very tiring exam (190 minutes) and I didn’t think I could pass it since I don’t get much hands on with the more advanced topics.

But I decided to try it anyway, since I have the time. And renewing the CSA Professional certificate automatically renews the Associate certificate. Further more, AWS provides 50% exam fee discount for current AWS certified users. So – it’s 50% off, plus 2 certs. A pretty good deal. FYI, the usual cost for the certification exam is USD300.

So, signed up for an Udemy course on 26 May, booked my exam for 18 Jun, and prepared for an intensive 3-4 weeks study. If you are interested, the Udemy course I signed up for was the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2021 course by Neal Davis.

In short, the course was a suitable one for me. It was (considerably) short, helpful to my situation, and I managed to pass my exam with a score of 790/1000. Barely scraping through the passing mark of 750. Would definitely recommend it.

Do drop me a note if you have anything to ask or share regarding the AWS CSA certifications.