Conquering Cloud Security: My Journey to Passing the CCSK with UDEMY and YouTube

The cloud has revolutionized how businesses operate, offering scalability, cost-effectiveness, and agility. But with these benefits comes the ever-present challenge of security. To bridge this gap, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) offers the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). This vendor-neutral certification validates your understanding of cloud security concepts and best practices, making you a valuable asset in today’s cloud-driven world.

Recently, I embarked on the rewarding journey of acquiring the CCSK certification. As someone passionate about cloud security, I saw this as a way to solidify my knowledge and enhance my career prospects. This blog post will detail my study experience, the resources I found most helpful, and ultimately, the strategies that led me to pass the exam with a score of 83%.

My CCSK Study Resources

My preparation for the CCSK exam relied heavily on two primary resources:

  1. UDEMY Course: Complete CCSKv4 – This course on Udemy provided a structured learning experience. The instructor, an experienced cloud security professional, presented the CCSK curriculum in a clear and engaging manner. The course included video lectures, downloadable study guides, and practice exams that simulated the real test format.
  2. YouTube Playlist: Cloud Security Alliance CCSK – This YouTube playlist served as a valuable supplement to the Udemy course. The playlist features short, focused videos on various CCSK domains. These bite-sized lectures were perfect for quick reviews or refreshing specific concepts.

Note: the content above was all created by Google Gemini based on the two resource links provided (I actually studied them). However, there were plenty of hallucinations that I didn’t ask to include, but I guess were included as fillers since I asked for 1000 words. I discard them.