First Videos with my Olympus TG-6

After seeing some good reviews of the Olympus Touch TG-6, I finally bought one in October last year (2019) together with the PT-059 underwater housing.

Unfortunately, I did not try any underwater shots with it until my recent dive at Anilao, Philippines (Jan 2020). I had full confidence nothing will go wrong. If you need to know, I’ve damaged my past 2 underwater camera housings due to lack of maintenance.

Here’s the videos I took. I still need plenty of practice with it for better videos.

First official video shot on the camera

Nemos! Clownfish in their anemone

The mimic octopus which no one else saw

The banded sea snake we saw after the pygmy sea horses

Tiny green snake during night dive

Tiny coral reef

I’ll post some selected photos soon. Keep a lookout! If you wish to contact me, drop me a note.