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JF Lennon Forex Courses and Trade Calls

The first time I encountered JF Lennon was in 2010. I was interested in forex trading back then, so I attended some forex courses, and also did some self-trading. Back then, I didn’t have any sound strategy (or that’s what I told myself). The tiny MT4 accounts that I funded with few hundred dollars was wiped out within a few months. Now, I know that I not only did not have any sound strategies, I neither have sound money management, nor trading mindset.

Recent forex courses with JF Lennon

In early 2019, I regained the interest to try forex again. I found out that JF Lennon are still doing well and much better than before, compared to some other schools that I knew previously, but no longer exist. So I signed up for a course in April 2019. This time, I wanted to learn a good strategy, and to survive trading forex.

No, I am not making tons of money or sipping piña colada at some exotic beach resort yet. Do not ever believe advertisements telling you that you will be a millionaire just by attending a course. If they can do that, why do they need to work so hard to conduct courses? JF Lennon does not do this. In fact, JF Lennon tells you at every course – you can lose up to your entire account! They can empower you with the knowledge, and you can decide if you want to put in the effort.

My forex goals

My goal from forex courses and trading is to eventually generate some passive income from it. I enjoy my current job, so I do not think I will ever stop working. But before achieving this goal, the other necessary goal is to last in the forex game.

Another fact that everyone should know – if your initial capital is small, it will take you a lot longer to start generating significant returns.

JF Lennon believes that these 3 “M”s are the foundation behind successful forex trading.

Method, Money Management, Mindset
I used to believe the strategy is the magic bullet. Now I believe Money Management and Mindset is what keeps you in the game.

But, that’s not all. Knowing all the 3 components won’t put you on the yellow brick road. JF Lennon has this 6-step learning process – After strategy, money management and trading psychology, you will still need lots of practice and refinement before you can get close to your goals.

6 Step Learning Process
After Method, Money Management and Mindset, you need lots of practice.

At this point, if you are a JF Lennon alumni, I welcome you to connect with me.

JF Lennon Products & Services 2019

JF Lennon has a series of forex courses, and trades subscription services.

Forex CoursesTrades Subscriptions
Basic Forex Course
JWT Mastery
RF Mastery
Mastermind Mastery
Magnet Mastery

JF Lennon’s Forex Courses

The Basic Forex Course does not include any strategy. It covers forex history, forex basics, using the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform, and basic money management. It is suitable for people who are looking into trading forex for the first time.

The JWT/RF/Mastermind/Magnet Mastery courses include strategies at increasing levels of difficulties and performances. The costs of the forex courses ranges from S$50 to S$4,888. Prices are subjected to change and is held in Singapore.

JF Lennon’s Trade-Call Subscriptions

For the trade subscription, you will get SMS alerts when favourable signals for the respective strategies appears. However, you should still have good money management and mindset to trade, as there are still possibilities of losses.

The trade subscriptions are priced from S$80 to S$500 per month, with a minimum of subscription period of 3 months. Prices are subjected to change, and you do not have to be in Singapore to receive the SMSes. I would like to emphasis, that with the monthly costs and expected monthly returns, you will need a minimum amount of capital outlay to make the investment profitable. This is not suitable for all personas.

Who is JF Lennon?

JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science has coached more than 50,000 traders worldwide for more than a decade, and is the longest established Forex Institute in the Asia region specialising only in Forex Trading.

JF Lennon is also the first and only Forex Institute in the world to be ISO 9001:2008 certified by the UKAS – meaning they have extremely high and stringent standards for providing proper education and support for all students and customers.

Do check out their website and facebook page. CEO and owner – Dato Jimmy Wong was recently on a Taiwanese TV programme 大师来了. Watch the 24 minute video for a quick summary of what they do.

If you are interested to find out more regarding their forex courses or trade-call subscription plans, you can contact them, or drop me a note below. I’m not their staff, and have no obligations. But I can help with any questions you have, or refer you to them. I’ll be happy if you find my information helpful.

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